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Low cost web design for individuals and organisations in Bath and the South West


Happily I’m not a ‘DIYer’ and I don’t have the overheads of an agency to give me sleepless nights.  But I do have 30 years experience in IT marketing and sales, plus a background in journalism (when I have a moment I sell articles to The Bath Magazine which include both my writing and photography - see samples here). I also produce newsletters and brochures for clients.

So not only do I have a sensitive feel for how a site should look, I can also help make sure it ‘says’ the right things with tight, convincing copy.

The service is collaborative and hands on; it’s all about listening to all your aspirations and then working with you to make them a creative reality.  It’s so rewarding when a client says ‘yes - that’s exactly what I had in mind’.

Bespoke website creation isn’t rocket science.  

                                                            So it shouldn’t cost the earth.

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