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What’s SEO?

It stands for search engine optimisation. Optimising your website means designing it in such a way to make it easily found by search engines such as google and yahoo.  Having spent 30 years in IT marketing and sales, I sometimes wonder whether some of these terms are intended to deliberately – and unnecessarily - preserve the mystique of what we do (and of course to enable some to charge more).  If you find it difficult to sleep, you may want to browse google’s guide – a guaranteed cure for insomnia.  

In a nutshell, when someone searches the web, the position of your website on the results page depends on - amongst others - three key factors:

- Does it have interesting, original content that is relevant to the search?

- Does it have links to it from other (preferably large, reputable) websites?

- Does it have relevant keywords (search terms not necessarily visible in the content)

Every website I design will include optimisation and sitemap submission to google, yahoo, bing and ask.  This is essential, but not a guarantee of page one ranking on google.  As you can imagine, this is something of high value and competition is intense.  There are ways of guaranteeing a page one ranking, but as with all things of value, there are costs involved.

But there are also things that you can do to help.  Plus, using google’s own advertising program which can be very cost effective if used correctly.  Ask me for details – advice is free.

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